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Computer repairs Portsmouth can offer all these computer and component related services

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Computer repairs Portsmouth services and repair PC computers

Windows PC Repairs

Hardware, software, broken screens or data recovery, Portsmouth Computer Repair is your one-stop shop for any computer problem. We work hard to provide the computer repair service YOU require, aiming to perform most repairs within 24 hours.

Call our team today for free no-obligation help and advice or to book a repair. Or simply enter brief details of your computer’s problem in our Quick Quote box and a member of staff will contact you straight away.

Computer repairs Portsmouth services and repair Mac computers

Mac Repairs

We understand the needs of Mac users and provide support for business Mac networks. Our technicians keep abreast of all the developments emerging from Apple HQ and as a Macintosh Approved Repairer we can cope with any problem, no matter how large or small.

Entrust your computer to the professionals for a trouble-free repair. Call now for a free quotation or to discuss any problem you may be experiencing with your Mac. Alternatively, use our Quick Quote Box to tell us about the problem with your Mac computer and a member of our team will contact you.

Computer repairs Portsmouth services and repair laptop computers

Laptop Repairs

Portsmouth Computer Repair offers a professional repair service. Our Specialist Laptop technicians have many years experience working on every major make and model including Dell, Hewlett Packard, Sony and Sanyo.

If you are experiencing running problems or if you have a hardware problem like a broken drive, screen or back light contact our Laptop Team today. It would be very helpful if you can make a note of your Product ID number, usually located on the bottom of your laptop before you contact us. To contact us either call our main number and ask for the Laptop Team or fill in our Quick Quote contact form. For a quicker quote, please include your Product ID number.

Computer repairs Portsmouth services and repair smart phones

Smartphone & iPhone Repairs

Save money on iPhone or Smartphone repairs at Portsmouth Computer Repair. We can fit replacement screens to most models and we ensure our prices are competitive so you can be sure you will not get the same quality repair at a cheaper price elsewhere.

Our technicians can also help if you have a problem with your phone’s operating system, apps or battery and charging problems. We achieve a 48-hour turnaround for screen replacements and many smartphone software problems can be fixed the same day. Contact us by phone or fill in our Quick Quote Box if you need an iPhone or smartphone repair or if you would like to talk to somebody about your phone.

Computer repairs Portsmouth will complete software repairs and updates

Software Repairs

Portsmouth Computer Repair can assist with any computer problem. If your machine is not running properly or if you are having trouble installing or operating software call us first. With many years’ experience developing and working on software systems, our technicians will save you time and money by quickly diagnosing the cause of any problem.

Correct diagnosis is essential before any repair work is commenced and at Portsmouth Computer Repair you can rest assured that our expertise means your computer is in safe hands. To talk to a member of our team, call now or use our Quick Quote service for Software Repair.

Computer repairs Portsmouth will diagnose and repair your computer problems

Computer Problems

Good computers are thrown away every day of the week because they are “too old” or “two slow”. It’s a criminal waste, especially when more often than not they really just need a service. If you are finding it takes web pages a long time to load it may not be your internet speed at fault, it could just be that your system needs a clean up.

Your computer is only as good as the operating system that runs it and if this system is faulty or if it is not able to do its job properly, due to a virus, for example, it is likely that you just need a simple software repair. Call now or use our Quick Quote service for computer running problems.

Computer repairs Portsmouth will fix or replace motherboards

Motherboard Repairs

No job is too small for our skilled technicians – or too big. Our diagnostics team will quickly assess whether a problem can be fixed economically. The motherboard is the heart of your machine and our experts are adept at heart surgery.

If you have already had a motherboard problem diagnosed or if you suspect you may have one, call our team now for free advice over the phone. Or tell us about your motherboard problem using our Quick Quote service giving as much detail as you can about your computer and the problem you are having with it. Please include a Product ID number if you have one.

Get a screen replacement at Computer repairs Portsmouth

Screen Replacement

We pride ourselves on offering the most streamlined and cost-effective Screen Replacement service on the market. We can order and fit most screens within 48 hours. We work on all types of Windows PC, Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, notebooks and tablets. If your screen can be replaced, we can do it.

We monitor all our competitors to ensure you cannot get the same service at a better price elsewhere. To talk to our team either call now or contact our Screen Replacement team using our Quick Quote service. If you wish to order a new screen please include your make and model and Product ID number if you have it.

Graphic chips available from Computer repairs Portsmouth

Graphic Chip Repair

Our clients include advertising agencies and film companies with high demands on their graphic chips, which are in constant use. We are familiar with most hardware on the market and as well as fixing running problems we are often able to improve your computer’s graphic performance. If you have any questions about the graphic capabilities of your computer, our experts will be delighted to help. For free help and advice call now.

If you wish to order a new graphic chip or would like to talk to us about a graphic chip repair use our Quick Quote service or call now.

Computer repairs Portsmouth remove all viruses from your computer

Virus Removal

OMG! It’s taken over! Nothing looks like it did before! This isn’t Google - it’s some scammer pretending to be Google. What’s going on?

Sound familiar? A computer virus doesn’t usually stop your computer from working. The vast majority of them just alter the way things work, usually so you use the software they are promoting. It’s annoying – and some can be very hard to get rid of. Our team will ensure any virus however damaging it has been is removed without trace from your computer. Call now or use our Quick Quote service for virus removal.

Computer repairs Portsmouth provide a data recovery service

Data Recovery

Don’t panic – we’re like TV detectives on NCIS! And the good news is, you don’t hard to murder someone to get our forensic department recovering data from your hard drive – even if your hard drive is broken beyond repair. Whatever situation you are in our technicians should be able to safely recover your data. It is usually a simple operation but in some circumstances the process can take longer – depending on the condition of your drive.

So don’t worry, call our team now for help and advice on data recovery – or to book your computer in for recovery. Or use our Quick Quote service, giving details of your data recovery problem.

Computer repairs Portsmouth provide a power jack replacement service

Power Jack Replacement

Don’t spend more than you need to on parts like Power Jacks. We will source the cheapest on the market as well as the manufacturer’s genuine part, where alternatives are available, giving you the chance to make savings. It is often possible to make considerable savings by using alternative parts, where this will not affect any warranty.

Most parts for most common Windows PCs can be supplied within 48 hours of receiving an order and we can often source and fit a part the same day.

Call now or use our Quick Quote service to order a Power Jack for your computer.

Computer repairs Portsmouth build and service networks

Network Issues

From small businesses with one or two computers to medium and large firms with demanding network needs, our Networking Team have the expertise to help. We are on call 24/7 if you need us to be, offering a Premium Service to larger clients.

For a free, no-obligation assessment of your networking requirements please call our Network Team or use our Quick Quote service to talk to us about your networking issues.

Track the progress of your repair at computer repairs Portsmouth

Track Your Progress

You will be given a time estimate when booking a repair with Portsmouth Computer repair and we aim to complete all our work on schedule wherever possible. In the event of any delays receiving parts you will be kept informed.

Our Repair Tracking service allows you to easily check the progress of any work on your computer. You will be given a Tracking Number when booking a repair which will allow you to track your computer through our repair process.

Contact computer repairs Portsmouth about your repair

24 Hour Service

All businesses rely on their computers but they do not all work the same hours. Many of our clients need us to work on their computers or networks at all hours of the day and night. Our Premium Service means you have our technicians on call 24/7. Talk to our team about your requirements.

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